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California Natural is here to provide you with the finest quality fresh, natural, organic and whole foods, nutritional products, body care products and health information in a fun, comfortable, clean, safe environment. Make us your doorway to total health—twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week all year long!


Immunity Shots Nasal Spray

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IMMUNITY SHOTS NASAL SPRAY and Immunity Shots Throat Spray are the first of their kind providing immune support that can be felt.

Immunity Shots Spray

Price $13.99

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• Boosts the immune system • Provides great relief to flu, cold and allergy type symptoms. Wellness Shots Spray special anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory formula is perfect for individuals seeking to improve overall health and wellness. Workers in germ filled environments, and persons who have to travel in public places (subways, trains and airplanes) can all benefit from this great synergistic blend of nutrients. Nothing else could compare to this powerful tonic. It not only helps support the immune system but it also provides a great boost for those days when you’re feeling run down. Provide Instant Relief For Colds, Flues, and Allergy Like Symptoms. WELLNESS SHOTS!

Immunity Shots 4 ounce

Price $21.99 Buy 2 Get 1 FreeI


• Boosts the immune system • Provides great relief to flu, cold and allergy type symptoms. Provide Instant Relief For Colds, Flus, Aand Allergy Like Symptoms. WELLNESS SHOTS Contains the following: Grapefruit See Extract * Astragalus Root * Opti-Zinc * Ginger * Olive Leaf * Oregano Oil

Allergy Shots 4 Oz Price $24.99

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Allergy Shots Spray 1 ounce $13.99

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California Naturals Allergy Shots uses the power of ginger and a host of other herbal ingredients to provide a fast acting shot for allergy suffers. Ginger’s powerful herbal multiplier effect allows Allergy Shots to provide an immediate effect for allergy suffers.  Nettles hair or the part that stings contains natural histamine blocker, the histamine response is a major player in allergic reactions. Eye Bright is a natural histamine blocker and also is one of the most useful systemic relaxants available. Yerba Santa is an expectorant and decongestant useful for chest colds, asthma, hay fever and bronchitis used by native Americans. Tumeric (Curcumin) is considered the super foods of the 21st century.

Hoodia Shots

Appatite Relief

Price $49.99 Buy 1 Get 1 Free

California Naturals Hoodia Shots uses ingredients to provide appetite relief and a metabolism boost and is perfect for anyone seeking an edge in their dieting program. Hoodia actually gives a signal to the brain that your body is not hungry. Hoodia’s Green Tea Leaf program in the following ways: Increase metabolism, Increase fat oxidation regulating blood glucose after meals. Green Teas Health Benefits may include: Reduced cholesterol, Decrease the risk of stroke, anti-inflammatory Hoodia Shots Yerba Mate Leaf. Health Benefits: Cleansing, Stimulate digestion, anti-oxidant, Enhances memory


Hair Vitamins (Top Seller)

Price $4.99

Increase hair luster and growth California Natural Hair specialty formula provides the essential nutrients to help improve the condition of your hair. It helps strengthen the follicles to help prevent loss of hair.


Price $4.99


Nails -Prevent breakage -Helps increase overall strength of nails. Tired of having brittle nails that never grow? Calif/Natural has an exclusive formula that helps nails grow faster and healthier with no splitting or breakage.

Pick Me Up

America's Favorite Energizer

Price $4.99


H/A Hyaluronic Acid

Anti-Aging Formula

Price $39.99 Buy 2 Get 1 Free

California Naturals H/A, Hyaluronic Acid - Advanced Healthy Anti-Aging Formula - Rejuvenates your Body from Inside Out! California Natural HA Formula is the next generation in healthy-aging nutritional supplements.

o Healthy skin texture, moisture & youthful appearance

o Strong, healthy & flexible joints / Joint & bone health

o Cardiovascular health

o Eye tissues & overall health of the visual system

Green Tea Matcha

Great with Smoothies

Price $24.99

Matcha Green Tea traditionally used in the Japanese tea ceremony, this top quality green tea powder is hand-made from the youngest Gyokuro leaves. Matcha is said to be even healthier than other green teas since it is the only tea in which the whole leaf is used. In addition, only the finest, youngest leaves are hand-picked for Matcha.

You can brew Matcha Green tea using hot (never boiling) water, or cook and add to your favorite recipe. The Vitamin Barn in Malibu California features Matcha Green Tea in their Lean Protein shakes. Matcha is great in smoothies and can be added in cooking.


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